The Real Relationship Between Mars and Venus

Dialogues With My God Self takes you to places within that are difficult to explore without an educated hand guiding you.

Author Dr. Alvaro Bizziccari is a retired doctor of philosophy. His insights into self-identity, explored over a lifetime, include the relationship between love and sex, the law of cause and effect, as well as the nature of God and the existence of evil and suffering.

This indispensable guide provides self help to answer age-old questions for those committed to understanding the condition and purpose of their existence.

If you’ve ever wondered about the true differences between the sexes, this is the book for you. The author explores in easy to understand terms the differences in male and female polarity, which is a governing principle of the universe. Exploring these fascinating topics enables us to break free from our self-created limitations so we can truly realize our divine self.

In a thought-provoking way, Dialogues With My God Selfteaches that we are all related to each other and to the universe. Knowing this truth, we are always connected and at one with our God Self, or our true identity. He says, “I AM” is the being that you really are.

“This book is a masterpiece. Not only is it rich with the knowledge of the law, but once you get into the rhythm of the book, it is the feeling in it that becomes the teacher. It flows like a silent stream of crystalline water, but it stays in you as a granite rock.” - J.T., Long Beach, California

About the Author: Alvaro Bizziccari completed his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Rome. He came to America to have the opportunity to become acquainted with the various fields of knowledge offered to the seeker, from old traditions to new spiritual understanding of the Truth. While teaching at the University of Connecticut, he authored several publications. After retiring as emeritus professor, he is now sharing his vast knowledge about life and its source.


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