About Alvaro Bizziccari

In my growing awareness of the impermanence of our human existence, where all of our experiences have beginning and end as the only certainty is death, I turned to the study of philosophy. After receiving my doctorate at the University of Rome, Italy, I realized that thoughts, which are developed only on the intellectual plane, did not fulfill my desire for the knowledge of the purpose of life and its source. I was attracted to the sacred texts of East and West, and they helped me to penetrate closer to the core of ultimate reality or God; but I felt that something was missing, the truth was still enveloped by some dark veils. In my quest, I travelled and visited many countries until I came into contact with a new teaching given in America by those Divine Masters who brought Light to unawakened mankind in every age. They said that there is a God Law which, by its application, can free the individual from all earthly limitations of mind and body. It is brought forth in America as the last effort to save mankind from its self-destructive creations of the past and present in the New or “I AM” Age in which we have entered.

My book is an introduction to that transcendent Truth, which conveys the understanding of our true Self, and the real nature of our Source of life and love. It is the final revelation of the way each individual is indissolubly connected and at one with his or her God Self for all eternity.