Excerpts from the book

A Chasing After Wind


You can never overcome your problems and limitations until you discover their cause.  And that cause is you. 

Me?  That is absurd!  Am I responsible for my conditions?  I don’t want to be unhappy!

Nobody wants to be miserable but since you do not know yourself… 

Then what is the true meaning of this terrible situation?  

I told you, people do not know who they really are.  In their ignorance they create a false image of themselves with a corresponding character and personality and blunder through life like a drunken actor.  



Sowing and Reaping


“No one seems to realize the creative powers of their thoughts, feelings, and spoken words, otherwise they would be more careful in their use.  They form character which becomes destiny, and create the conditions in which he will live.  The way you express them today will determine your life tomorrow. 



All Is Law, All Is Love.


Love is the impelling force and Law executes the will of Love.  People must understand that the Law and love are interrelated and interdependent since one cannot exist without the other.  Love is the greatest force in manifestation and there is no limit to its power as all substance obeys it.  Everything you can think of, whether animate or inanimate is made of love…without its magnetic force of attraction there would be no form of manifestation.


Who Am I?


With regard to your identity, if I ask you the fundamental question, “Who are you”?  how would you answer?  Do not tell my your name, your gender, nationality, race, or profession; I am referring to the real you…Learn to recognize your personal self and to know that it does not belong to what you essentially are.  Personality is a construct, the by product of Karmic deposit, society, memory traces, culture, and past experience.  It is an aggregate or conglomeration of disordered and uncontrollable thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, impulses and desires, unceasingly in motion, flowing like a stream of turbulent water.  You must discriminate the nature of your desires using your mind as your servant not your master.  

Then I am not my mind?  

You are infinitely more than your mind and body, but people in their ignorance of who they are become identified with them.


 The Problem of Self-Identity 


What do you mean by being “identified with” one’s mind and body?…what do you mean by “identification”?

Identification is a process by which the person, unknowingly mark you, becomes like or feels the same as some thing or someone else…It is very common for parents to identify with their children and vice versa; there is a tendency to identify with one’s property and professional career or with your party; fans identify with their teams…girls, in order to be attractive, often identify with their bodies…Identification is a form of bondage…you become an imaginary person, unaware of what it means to be who you are.  



The Principle of Polarity


My purpose is to introduce you into the mystery of your Being because, as I said, there is nothing more essential than self-knowledge…Has it ever occurred to you that there might be two natures in you or rather two sides, like the positive and negative poles of a magnet?…I am present in you as the inner self, and your outer aspect is the personality…There is the polarity of spirit and matter, male and female, the polarity of the atom, of the planets and their relationship to each other…all operating under the Law of the magnetic attraction of love, which leads to the cosmic source of Father-Mother God.

The principal of polarity on which universal life is founded consists of an interdependent and interrelated unity, two in one, and should not be confused or mistaken with duality which implies separation and opposition, and neither with undifferentiated oneness or sameness wherein the pairs are fused and lost.  You may think of each individual as one pole and the God Self as the other pole, held all together, as chords of music, by the all embracing and cohesive power of love.


  The Head vs. the Heart


Both the head, which is the field of your intellect, and the heart, as the dwelling of My Presence, must act as one in order to maintain the balance of your faculties.

Intellect without feeling, knowledge without love, reason without compassion, lead to pure negation, to rigidity, to spiritual death…Verily I say to you and to humankind, if you do not know the flame in your heart with its connection to the Source that gives you of Itself, and are ignorant of the Law of Life, your individual identity is nonexistent, your name is written on the water and all your experiences end in smoke.

I think of my heart also as an eternal spark sent forth by the cosmic flame of divine love. 

And feel that every heartbeat is a wave of love from My heart to yours, which is not only yours but also mine.


On Human Bondage and Freedom


I don’t understand why I had to experience all the confusion, distress, and difficulties that have beset me throughout the years.

It can be very humbling to acknowledge one’s fault and it is not a common practice among human beings because they always blame someone else…You should know that it is impossible for Me to produce discord or anything unlike My nature , just as the sun cannot create a shadow unless you turn your back to it or something interferes with its light.

I must remind you that I love you more than you love yourself; I am always radiating My light-energy, which flows into you and animates your body, and I am always giving My intelligence to enlighten your mind…You turned away from Me and went astray…Freedom is the gift of true love.  You must have free will in order to be a conscious, self-determining being and use the creative powers I have given you. 


The Eye of the Beholder 


“Both read the Bible day and night/But thou read’st black where I read white” (Blake)

The external world that people perceive depends on their disjointed consciousness and will appear different to different observers.  The abysmal result is that reality and truth become relative, and one is led to believe that he is subject solely to his personal judgment and opinion…But let me emphasize that there is no freedom, and never will be, without the understanding that life is governed by the universal Law of love and everyone is accountable for every thought and feeling according to it.

 The Nature of Consciousness


You are the sculptor of destiny!  You have tyhe power to be what you choose to be, it is your birthright and divine privilege, the gift of God to you.  Think depply on this:  the Infinite becomes conscious of Itself through you offering in in love all that It is and has…You are not only conscious of yourself and be able to say ‘I’ but you can be aware of the Source of your own existence.


Deliverance Comes from the Woman


You said that feelings are the feminine side of life, which has three times greater power than the thought which is the masculine.

Yes, the woman indeed possesses the power to raise the consciousness of the world if she is true to her calling.  She is the Eternal Feminine, the essence of womanhood that leads man to Heaven, like Beatrice for Dante…The spiritual principle is expressed by the woman…She will always uphold the primacy of being over theory, of the operative over the speculative, of the intuitive over the discursive.  Woman can accumulate intellectual values, but such values provide no joy…Man creates science, art, philosophy, and even theology as systems, but all these lead to a frightening objectification of the truth of being and existence.  Woman, fortunately, is present; she is predestined to become the bearer of the values obscured by this objectification, the place where they become flesh and live.  The woman has the power to protect and save your present civilization if she chooses to introduce into its dehumanization the tender qualities of caring and grace with which she is endowed and which she represents…Each woman also possesses in latency masculine qualities, but at present the need is for the essence for her feminine affectivity…Woman remains the guardian of human and divine values for she is the feeling side of life which has the power of unification…It is imperative that woman, who represents the capacity to love and to feel, comes to the rescue of the human race.

It has been said that love is all she has to give, but it is the only earthly thing which God permits us to carry beyond the grave…The destiny of the future civilization lies in the heart of the mothers, if their love were withdrawn, the earth would collapse…Motherhood is the tenderness of God…It is the vocation of the woman to bring forth the divinization of man.



What is Love?

“Only the soul that loves is happy”.


Born of love, the whole universe is penetrated, moved, and vivified from within by love, which circulates through it like the life-giving blood through the body.  There is, therefore, a circulation of love that starts from God and finds him/her again…Our misery lies in the fact that in our ignorance and confused desires we deceive ourselves as to the true object of our love and, therefore, are bound to suffer the consequences.

If you want to create the good that life contains you must be attuned to the feeling of love…your love to Me is of the same nature as My love to you; it is the very feeling that unites us, the feeling of the flame from My heart to yours.  Try to realize that your feeling of love comes from the flame in your heart which is an extension from Mine.

Then love is a feeling?  But feelings change, they are unstable and impermanent.

That which changes is not the feeling of love which is innate in your life as your heartbeat but its object, depending on the individual’s choice and tendencies.  Love is not a single feeling among other single feelings…In the feeling of love, the totality of life, which “I AM”, is present and experienced as a duplicate of itself.  In reality there is nothing else but love, and it is your purpose and aim for existing…All that is not love is not…all life emanating from Me is essentially the vibratory levels of the energy which is called “Love”.  “I AM” its source by My self-acknowledgment and self-love.  Do you not think that I love Myself?  And I would not love My creation so that other parts of Myself may enjoy its beauty?

Love is a presence, your Presence.  It is the feeling that we belong to someone and that someone belongs to us.  Love is a feeling that we are two but the two are one.  Love is knowing that we are loved first and feeling the presence of the other loving us and smiling at us.  Love is wanting to be the divine other and knowing that we are the divine other, and that the divine other wants to be us and that it is us.  You the only Source of love because love, absolutely speaking, is the nature of your Being.  Therefore you always love us first.  The most, and indeed the least, we can do is to allow that love to flow back to you and experience what love really is…Our love for whatever attracts and pleases us is, in reality, a love of God unaware of itself, and that is why nothing can ever fulfill us or content us.  “Only God suffices”.

That tiny flame in your heart can be fanned into a cosmic fire by your call, devotion, and loving attention to Me.  This is the quickest way to your purification and ascension.  All other practices are secondary, even useless, unless they help you to increase and expand your capacity to love.  Try to remember that every breath you breath is the release of a wave of love from My heart to yours, and My presence in you is your true Self, I AM.



The Creative Word “I AM”

You do not yet realize that who you are, your real being, is the “I AM”, your God Self.  The individual must be aware not only that he exists but who he is by the recognition of the Presence that enables him to say I AM.

Not, however the fictitious “I” of his identification with the bodily form bound to the shifting world of appearances, but discover within himself the being which is free from all conditioning and that never changes.

There is no freedom without the understanding of the creative word I AM and its application.  It is the Source from which the universe came into being and it can certainly create and bring to you whatever you desire to express and manifest…Instead of acknowledging “I am not” or “I have not”, you can replace the shadows by the light of “I AM” what I desire to be.  Know that when you say , think, or feel “I AM” followed by what you choose to manifest, God is ready to fulfill your demand.  Therefore, never accept anything less than who “I AM”, always present and acting in , through , and for you…People create their own happiness without knowing it.  Each human being is God individualized, and moves in a universe of consciousness and Law with the power to manifest anything he/she wants…If the individual does not say “I AM” to what he wants or need, how can he manifest or experience it?…When you say “I AM”, followed by what you require, know and feel that the life in you making the demand is the same life in Me that brings it forth.  And since “I AM” life I cannot fail myself.

I lost the consciousness of my I AM-ness and have fallen under the domination of the personality and the outer world.  By believing “I am not” and “I have not” I came to depend on that which is not my Source of life and accepted the false appearances of lack and limitations.

I proclaim to everyone of God’s children from the love of My heart to theirs, the choice is before you between “I AM and “I am not”.


Between life and death, being or nothingness.

Choose life, and dare to become the God-Being you really are forever One as the “I AM” Self.




I have given enough knowledge to fulfill all your desires, but you must apply it…As a final word, whatever you do, try to do it in remembrance of Me so that My love keeps flowing through you uninterrupted and without interference.  Hold the harmony in your feelings, and I plead with you do not use My name in vain, do not follow the words “I AM” with negative words or expressions…you have learned from your past experiences that what the world calls love is merely a counterfeited image, its fleeting pleasures, limited by the senses, never fulfilling, and the happiness it seems to give is mixed with anxiety and accompanied by shadows.

I know that our earthly passions are consumed by their own flames and we are left with ashes.  You have taught me that we must forgive and forget our mistakes.

Let your thirst for love rise on the wings of devotion and determination to Me, your exhaustless Source, so that you may drink from My heart the life-giving essence of liquid light filling you with its heavenly bliss.  Let My love glorify you…Let it transfigure you until you are all aflame, all love, all joy, and at last, all Mine and I all thine!

Thou, Beloved One, who hast placed Thyself within our hearts to blossom there, who dost watch us and hear our slightest call and knows our every thought, giving Thyself completely with every breath and heartbeat, who dost not only forgive but revive us, elevate us, and make us all that Thou art!…Enable me to feel the same love for Thee that Thou feel for me.  Possess my life and take me into the furnace of Thy heart, consume every mortal cloud, and transform my flesh by Thy sacred fire that I may die of love and be forever with Thee, in Thee, as Thee!

I will raise you by the power of your own divinity bestowed on you in the beginning.  You will be clothed in the immortal garment of dazzling beauty, ascended and free in the light, a victorious God Being, brighter than the noon-day sun.